Friendship And Loyalty Essays

At the end of the play Raleigh is injured and Stanhope is comforting him.Firstly Stanhope allows Raleigh to lay on his bed and later he brings a candle and another blanket.She received her Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.

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Before his death there had been a friendship however any sign of emotion were rarely expressed.

The realisation that Osborne is dead, despite the likelihood of him dyeing at some point in the war, makes Stanhope reveal his true feelings.

He has not been a cowards, nevertheless he has resorted to alcohol to cope.

The audience learn hear that true loyalty is sticking to the cause whatever cost.

’The greeting towards Stanhope is not one of embrace, but more of shock.

This is because, as we later in the play find out, of bitterness caused by Stanhope not wanting Raleigh to find out about his alcohol addiction.He conveys this understanding through the characters, complications in the plot and stage directions.One way in which he helps our understanding is through existing friendships being forced apart by war.In Stanhope’s case it is the loss of friends and the humiliation of being a drunkard.The different aspects Sherriff portrays in Journeys end coupled with the overwhelming sense of unity amongst the men combine to allow the audience to understand both friendship and loyalty in the play.Another way in which sheriff helps our understanding is through deaths of characters which remind others of there friendship.This is evident when Osborne dies and Stanhope is upset, we can tell this by the emotion described in the stage directions‘When Stanhope speaks his voice is still expressionless and dead’This stage direction comes just after he is told about the death of Osborne.This article was co-authored by Klare Heston, LICSW.Klare Heston is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Ohio.His ‘expressionless voice’ conveys a mournful tone to the audience, which help us to sympathise with the loss of his friend and helps us understand the true friendship between the two comrades.In addition sheriff helps our understanding of friendship and loyalty through suffering and injury.


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