Friends Childhood Essay

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Attributes such as social competence, altruism, self-esteem, and self-confidence have all been found to be positively correlated to having friends.

Studies have found that friendships enable children to learn more about themselves and develop their own identity.

True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him and understand his problems. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life.

Today, many youngsters have become social nuisance mainly due to wrong company and bad friends. Their mental outlook, behaviour, attitudes affect us too.

A good friend sees good in your accomplishments; because of this they will not want you to do poorly and will always be looking out for you, hoping you do your best.

A trustworthy friend is someone you can count on no matter what.It is beneficial for children to manage and build their own relationships, even though as parents and carers we may want to take responsibility or interfere.But there are ways we can help our children navigate friendships, become more confident and help to build and develop their social skills. Sometimes you might be faced with your child falling out with their friend.Trusted friends are those you can tell your flaws to and know your revelations are safe.Sometimes after you tell people certain information you think: “What in the world was I thinking? They are someone who does things with you even though these things maybe totally boring, but they still do them. Arguments are a natural part of friendships, however, sometimes it can be hard for children and young people to manage and understand them.Sometimes these conflicts many seem small and trivial to us, but can knock a child’s confidence and they blame themselves.If you have something you feel like you can’t tell anyone about, they are the friends you can tell.A good friend is someone who when you tell them personal stuff you don't have to worry, you know your secret is safe.Good friends are people with whom you can talk to and trust with your secrets.You can tell a friend anything and know they won't open their mouth just for the fun of it because they like and respect you too much to hurt you.


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