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Some people assert that the dynamics of organizations and people are not nearly so mechanistic as to be improved by solving one problem after another.

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It was not solved logically in its own terms, but faded when confronted with a new and stronger life urge.” From Jung, Carl, Psychological Types (Pantheon Books, 1923) A major advantage of the organic approach is that it is highly adaptable to understanding and explaining the chaotic changes that occur in projects and everyday life.

It also suits the nature of people who shun linear and mechanistic approaches to projects.

Your role in the problem can greatly influence how you perceive the role of others.

For example, if you're very stressed out, it'll probably look like others are, too, or, you may resort too quickly to blaming and reprimanding others.

It helps a great deal to verify your problem analysis for conferring with a peer or someone else.

If you discover that you are looking at several related problems, then prioritize which ones you should address first.However, the following basic guidelines will get you started.Don't be intimidated by the length of the list of guidelines.Therefore, you might substitute "problem" for "opportunity" in the following guidelines.) This is often where people struggle. Instead, seek to understand more about why you think there's a problem.If the problem still seems overwhelming, break it down by repeating steps 1-7 until you have descriptions of several related problems.© Copyright Carter Mc Namara, MBA, Ph D, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.Test - What is Your Personal Decision-Making Style?After you've practiced them a few times, they'll become second nature to you -- enough that you can deepen and enrich them to suit your own needs and nature.(Note that it might be more your nature to view a "problem" as an "opportunity".“All the greatest and most important problems in life are fundamentally insoluble … This “outgrowing” proves on further investigation to require a new level of consciousness.Some higher or wider interest appeared on the horizon and through this broadening of outlook, the insoluble lost its urgency.


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