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The findings were a few months ago, and this time the results were quite different: only a third of users had unique fingerprints (compared to 83% and 94% earlier), despite the researchers’ use of a comprehensive set of 17 fingerprinting attributes.

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Traditionally, research papers on the term “fingerprint” refer to patterns that are highly characteristic to an individual’s ridged skin of the distal finger phalanges.[2] With Internet experiments, there is a tension between traditional informed consent and validity of findings, and we need new ethical norms to resolve this.Another lesson is that privacy defenses don’t need to be perfect.There were two reasons for the differences: a larger sample in the new study, and because self-selection of participants appears to have introduced a bias in the earlier studies.There’s more: since the web is evolving away from plugins such as Flash and Java, we should expect fingerprintability to drop even further.Freedom to Tinker is hosted by Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, a research center that studies digital technologies in public life.Here you'll find comment and analysis from the digital frontier, written by the Center's faculty, students, and friends.One easy lesson is that statistics is hard, and non-representative samples can thoroughly skew research conclusions.But there’s another pill that’s harder to swallow: the recent study was able to test users in the wild only because the researchers didn’t ask or notify the users.[1] One notable exception is the Tor browser, but it comes at a serious cost to performance and breakage of features on websites.Another is Brave, which has a self-selected userbase presumably willing to accept some breakage in exchange for privacy.


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