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Design, then drops what might be a shocker to her fans in the design world: “Maybe I would’ve gone into musical theater,” her passion in high school. I really truly understand why I made them.” It wasn’t until several years ago that Millman finally started painting and writing again, doing more personal, hands-on creative projects that have meaning deeper than that of her commercial work.“I could be a bit player on the Broadway stage.”Does she really wish she had gone the starving artist route, painting (or musical theater-ing) in a garret by night and waitressing by day? “One bit of advice I can give people is to remember that anything worthwhile takes a long time,” she says.

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There appears to be a man dressed in black sitting under the big board, but it is the professor's shadow.

See more » This cold war era classic certainly made you think if it's storyline was possible.

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What would Millman’s life look like now if she had, earlier on, pursued a path of creativity instead of security?

“If I’d had more courage, I would’ve pursued a less commercial path,” Millman tells Co.

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But in the novel, the authors state in the introduction that the events take place in 1967.

This is consistent with details given about different characters and their backstories; for example, Groteschele is forty-eight years old, and his job search after college graduation was interrupted by Pearl Harbor.


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