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There are many aspects of child’s learning that requires teacher’s personal engagement and interaction with the child, which would include reading of story books, arithmetic and the use of ICT.

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In particular, the writer has developed interest in examining the issue of traditional beliefs on child rearing and its interaction with the teacher’s credentials.The participants were asked to read aloud two books in one week which is videotaped and a total of 24 books in 12 weeks.Goshen’s findings expresses similar views to Lillian Katz’s argument which purports that children learn better through guided participation although in the Kindergarten stage learning takes place in a non programmed and informal manner.Theoretically, this research topic relates more to the classroom setting where the relationship between the teacher and is paramount.The researchers also employed the individual interviews to collect data in addition to classroom observations which was conducted for one week.Therefore, teachers ought to engage in more authentic conversations with their children while in class.However, the nature of this interaction and engagement is subject to cultural setting, traditional beliefs and the teacher’s perceptions.Gosen et al’s papers has indicated that reading aloud through interaction and directive from the teacher has contributed much to the learning of children and cognitive development because allows them to become competent and fine turned in oral proficiency and adapt to the linguistic level of the child.Gosen et al has argued that much of the contemporary research tend to focus much on the adults behaviors in interacting with children, but add rather that children themselves are powerful plays in the teacher- pupils.The study assumed that teachers with higher level of education have a deeper understanding of child development issues.This study does rightly show that teachers with deeper training and higher education are able to interact with the childhood in appropriate manner than those who do not.


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