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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Dissertation Writing Service.Dewey, 1929; Fenstermacher, 1986; Lortie, 1975; Pajares, 1992).

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Understanding the relationship between general education teachers’ efficacy beliefs to instruct and manage students with learning and behavioural difficulties and their perceptions of success in educating such students is important to inclusion efforts (Brownell & Pajares, 1999; Woolfson & Brady, 2009).

Thus, the purpose of the study is to shed light on kindergarten teachers’ efficacy towards inclusive education as it is currently practiced with a view to uncovering strengths, limitations, and directions for possible refinement in teacher’s training and in-service professional development. How do the general education kindergarten teachers’ perceive their self-efficacy towards teaching in an inclusive environment? Is there any difference between the general education kindergarten teachers’ and special needs trained kindergarten teachers’ perceived self-efficacy towards teaching in an inclusive environment? What is the relationship between teacher experience and further professional development training and the outcome variable: self-efficacy beliefs regarding teaching students with learning difficulties?

Teacher preparation programs purport to address the issue of individual differences and to help teachers nurture each child to fullest potential.

However, special education is still conceived of as distinct from general education in Singapore.

Social cognitive theory postulates that efficacy beliefs influence the choices people make, as well as the effort and perseverance with which they engage in tasks (Bandura, 1986). Education dissertation introduction example | UK Essays [Internet]. [Accessed 6 September 2019]; Available from: https://

This suggests that individuals pursue activities and situations in which they feel competent and avoid situations in which they doubt their capability to perform successfully (cf. For example, classroom teachers who believe they can successfully instruct students who have learning or behavioural problems are more likely to include such students in their classroom than teachers who doubt their ability to instruct or motivate these students (Ashton & Webb, 1986). More importantly, it has been well-established that early intervention is critical for special learning needs children (Talay-Ongan, 2001).There is a need, therefore, to examine how kindergarten teachers are responding to this range of learning and behavioural needs in general education classrooms.Cole, Mills, Dale, & Jenkins, 1991; Peck, Donaldson, & Pezzoli, 1990; UNESCO, 1994).Common in the education and psychological literature is the appreciation that every child is different from every other child and that every child learns differently (Heward, 2003).Inclusion is commonly defined as serving students with a full range of abilities and disabilities in the general education classroom with appropriate in-class support (Crawford, 1994; Roach, 1995; Lo Vette, 1996; Salend, 2001).Inclusion and inclusive education are concerned with the quest for equity, social justice, participation, and the removal of all forms of exclusionary assumptions and practices.It is based on a positive view of difference and has at its heart the principle that all students, including those who are ‘different’, are considered to be valued and respected members of the school community.As such, they contribute to the social structures of the school, to the curriculum and to the strategies used by teachers to teach all children.In general education (mainstream) schools, there is also a growing awareness of children with special learning and behavioural needs.However, provisions in special education at initial teacher preparation programs in Singapore reside at the awareness and introductory levels and in largely non-core areas of study.


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