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As Endriga writes that “the outstanding characteristics of the Spanish colonial regime […] was the wide discrepancy between the letter of the law, which upheld idealistic and noble standards, and actual practice, which was repressive and oppressive” and he notes “ [w]e really have a system that is excessively dominated by the presidency, one that is almost a dictatorship”(Endriga, 2001).In relation to this, according to Mc Coy (1995) it is also a method in which certainly not escape from the harm called “traditional politics” - the idea of civic influence being exercised for the advantage of a few clans and allies.

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It is a tradition for a legislator's descendant, partner, associate, or relatives, to have or to run the similar or other administrative position (unknown source).

Philippines is moving forward from agrarian centered to more on service and industry. 7 percent is on industrial sector and credits for 30 percent of GDP. 5 percent is in the service division and are accountable for 56. According to Aldaba (2009) and Schelzig (2005), some of the main cause of poverty are: High population growth rate; control concerns comprising dishonesty and a frail government; persistent blows and experience to hazards and threats such as financial crisis, conflicts, and natural calamities; failure to develop the agriculture sector.

Poverty reduction has been a major problem for all developing countries.

As Kofi Annan stated “The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty” (Kofi Annan, cited in WHO, 2013).

The impact of these nations and states in the country gave the Philippines a very small room to be unique in its traditional culture.

Hence the case of American and Spanish cultures and values, which remain to exist at present (Ramos, 2010).

And he also say that “the subversion of the public weal in the service of private, familial wealth.

” Filipinos also termed this practice as a "Political dynasty", the same with oligarchy in dogmatic discipline.

Poverty is experienced all over the world but its effect is most significantly seen in developing countries like Philippines, one of the nations with a high rate of poverty according to World Health Organisation.

Addressing this problem poses an extensive standing struggle to the Philippines since this has been the primary objective of previous administrations.


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