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Beginning of 5th century onwards they settled in the central part of the island and according to history they were from north India.The Sinhalese identity is based on their language Sinhala and religion Buddhists.

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In 1948 Ceylon gained an independence from British rule, but this peaceful independence makes conflict competition among the majority group of Sinhalese and the minority group of Tamils.

Following this independence conflict have been increased over the issues of language, education and job preference.

By the mid-19th century, Ceylon tea had become a staple of the British market which brings great wealth to a small number of white tea planters.

At that time of British rule Tamil laborers from south India were brought to work in British tea estates, rubber plantations and these people have been called as Indian Tamils.

The election occurs under the Sri Lankan form of the contingent vote.

Responsible to parliament for the exercise of duties under the constitution & laws, the president may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of parliament with the concurrence of the Supreme Court.

By the way "Mahinda Rajapaksa" is the current president of Sri Lanka and he is the 5th president.

The president Rajapaksa was first elected to the parliament of Sri Lanka in 1970 and served as Prime Minister from 6 April 2004 until his victory in the 2005 Presidential election.

This paper seeks to identify the global dimensions, peace and reconciliation for Sri Lankan Civil War.

A small Island of Sri Lanka was facing an ethnic conflict fought between two groups, they are the majority population of the Sinhalese and the minority population of the Tamil people.


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