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From the way, he describes the streets the squalor of his residence is evident.

The writer describes to detail the physique of Magnans’ sister, which he does every morning.He preferred to remain indoors than to go outside and play with his classmates while previously he and his friends played outside until it was dark.The narrators’ trip to the bazaar did not turn out as he had hoped it to be.The description of the rain by the narrator depicts that when in isolation the writer created his own ideal world where everything was perfect.He was grateful for the dim lights because he could isolate himself from real life to his ideal world in the dark.The narrator is disappointed with the wares he finds in the market place, and he realizes that buying Magnans’ sister a gift would not make her love him.The writer gives up on the gift and returns home empty handed and frustrated.The narrator enjoys going back to the priests’ cabin to be alone with his thoughts; this goes to show how the romantic thought he had of Magnan’s sister pushed him into alienation and isolation.The theme of poverty is also seen in throughout the story.The writer is not the only one who is alienated and lonely, the priest in the story lived alone in a run down and untidy house.In the first line of the story, Joyce describes a building that stand alone detached from everything else perhaps to prepare the reader for the theme of alienation that is evident throughout the story.


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