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Almost each American movie has its own message or a couple of messages, its audience, functions, and power.

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The hipness is all part of the gangster mystique, which American movie audiences love so much, and on top of that Tarantino even adds the haunting shiekness of upper-scale drugs, such as heroin and cocaine.

Tarantino absolutely harps on the wonderful dichotomy that gangsters present to get this hipness across to the audience.

Some critics denounced Pulp Fiction for its violence, yet the film is not about the killings that happen in it.

Pulp Fiction is about its characters in potentially comic situations.

With modern movies being so overly produced and cut, this is actually a pretty rare technique in film today; but, Tarantino uses seems to allude to many things of films past, this just being one of them.

is one of the most famous works by Quentin Tarantino that was released in 1994 in order to introduce the audience the peculiarities of American life from various perspectives.

One of the most noticeable and amazing features of is Tarantino’s decision to present a kind of collection of stories that represent different people’s lives which are connected by the issues like money, power, sex, and family.

On the one hand, it is not always easy to comprehend director’s intentions: why it is important for so many people with different problems to make decisions and improve or at least save their lives.

Here the audience sees a traditionally type cast heroic actor being told what to do and being paid off to do it.

Tarantino leaves the camera on him so that the audience is forced to consider how powerful Wallace is and how washed up Butch is.


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