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These are the penalties: Developing and extending your ideas is obviously crucial as well to get a good IELTS Task Response score but there is no point extending your ideas if they are the wrong ones because you have misunderstood the question!

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Based on the fact you want to discuss both earlier and recent technological developments the easiest way to organise the essay to ensure you answer the question is as follows: You could also compare them though by specific developments that have been changed and updated over time.

For instance, you could write about the typewriter as an early technological development and the computer as a more updated one which has more benefits.

You may think that the whole opinion is wrong because it is not a matter of distinguishing between periods of time but depends on the actual technology.

In other words, some technology from the past was good but some bad, and the same for today.

A careful look at the question should tell you that it is not asking this.

However, some lower level candidates who may have been struggling with the language just assumed it was simple pros and cons of technology essay.

Are you supposed to talk about technological developments from 30 years ago, such as the personal home computer from around the 1970s, or much further back, such as the invention of the car?

Also you may not know exactly when most these things were invented or developed.

You can of course still mention rich people as long as it is in relation to the question and ordinary people.

For instance you may argue that some technological developments were expensive and only benefitted the rich so did not tend to improve most ordinary people's lives. Seeing '' led some candidates to think they needed to discuss how current developments will change in the future.


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