Essay Questions On New Labour

Corbyn’s leadership should not be viewed as merely one example of a broader flourishing of populist anti-austerity politics across Europe.Corbyn’s victory owed much to the specific and local circumstances of British Labour in summer 2015, as the party reeled from an epochal electoral defeat.

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The real flashpoint came, however, when party veteran and interim leader Harriet Harman made an astonishing decision to whip a parliamentary vote in favor of a new round of punitive Conservative benefit cuts in July.

This was the product of extraordinary Westminster groupthink, as well as dumb gesture politics, designed to show the country that Labour had “listened” to the message it received in May 2015 (even though nobody could really know what that was).

Before we draw big conclusions about what his leadership means, it’s necessary to dwell on the more parochial realities of British politics: to work out where he came from, how he won, and what hopes he has of making his leadership matter to anybody outside the immediate confines of the British left.

Dubious assertions that the British political and financial elite should be “scared” of an energized Labour party won’t get us very far.

Depending on who you ask, Britain’s Labour Party is either soaring, or in free-fall.

Essay Questions On New Labour

There is evidence for both propositions, but the reality is messier.

This is a virtually unprecedented feat for a British governing party—still less one with no tangible record of success. The analyses multiply, but few combine empirical rigor with any sense of promise for Labour’s revival.

Cameron has presided over a failed policy of austerity and a boom in the use of food banks in Britain alongside countless instances of gross incompetence: a corrupt fire-sale of postal services, a near-breakdown of the social security system, a farcical non-renegotiation of competencies with the European Union, botched market reforms of Britain’s treasured National Health Service (NHS). The problem for the British left now is far worse than in the 1980s, when the electoral requirement was simply to bolt on enough Tory switchers to an obvious Labour core.

The region’s more affluent voters, and successful ethnic minorities, are being targeted by a Conservative party offering a cooked-up form of administrative federalism (the so-called “Northern Powerhouse”) to local elites.

Its economically left-behind voters, meanwhile, show signs of turning to the national-populist UK Independence Party (UKIP).


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