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purpose of values education in schools today Values are core traits and qualities that represent an individual’s beliefs and guiding principles, which form the foundation of who we are.

purpose of values education in schools today Values are core traits and qualities that represent an individual’s beliefs and guiding principles, which form the foundation of who we are.Values of people in society differ from one another due to the culture, upbringing, religious beliefs and many other experiences that shape each and every human being.

Truthfully, if I were a teacher – which I intend to become once I complete my education in Law.

I would not look for answers blatantly copied from text books and presented in fancy calligraphy with proper underlining of important phrases and decorated with colourful ink through out the paper.

Value based education is a tool which not only provides us a profession which we can pursue but also a purpose in life.

The purpose of our life is undoubtedly to know oneself and be ourselves.

I would in fact, look for answers which are intelligent, creative and which give me a subtle introduction and an impression of the person who writes it.

Essay On Value Based Education

Why don’t we have a system of examination where every subject is to be tested in a way such that the examinee gives answers based on his or her observation? I have to confess that I longed to write answers that were purely mine during exams and not what every one of my peers was writing.I believe that we are making our new generation, who are studying in thousands of schools across India, engage in nothing but crude cramming.Text books, in my opinion are for reference and not for plagiarizing in form of answers. text books along with other supplementary readers the whole year and vomit the answers on the answer sheets at the end of the year”.These values include the simple difference between right and wrong, a belief in God, the importance of hard work and self respect.Education is a continuous learning experience, learning from people, learning from success and failures, learning from leaders and followers and then growing up to be the person we are meant to be.Value based education is a three fold development of any individual of any gender and age, but most importantly of a child.Education tries to develop three aspects: physique, mentality and character.(Chilana, Dewan 1998, p 65) This paper outlines Understanding, tolerance and inclusion: Be aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others (Lovat, Toomey 2007 p. This value can be viewed upon as someone trying their hardest, accomplishing something worthy and admirable and aiming to do and be better.The problem with this value however, is the basis of the word best.I am appalled at the state of affairs every subject seems to have been reduced to. This was done to score marks and that too in abundance.Be it Economics, History, Sociology or Political Science, they can be best described as- “Lick an enormous set of C. If that is the parameter for success then I am of course intelligent because I scored 89.6 %!!!!!! Then again, I have seen peers of mine who have scored marks lesser than mine – but have gone on to establish success stories, the likes of which are unknown at my age is.


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