Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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There are also a number of celebrities who have had children as young teenagers, making them role models for young mothers.

The new decline in teenage pregnancies could be for a number of reasons.

Some people may not afford condoms but if you cannot afford a condom you cannot afford a baby.

Children from homes ran by teenage mothers go through a hard time in life.

They work for low wages to make money and support the child.

Some teenagers try to stay in school to have a good image, so that other people in school do not look at them as a pregnant teenager but as just one of them.In 2009 adolescent pregnancy in America reached a new low for the modern era and declined by 44% between 19.The rate went from 116.8 births in every 1,000 teen females to 65.6.In 2012 there were just 29.4 births for every 100 adolescent teenagers aged 15-19.Pregnancy occurring in teenagers under the age of 15 is also on the decrease.Today, teen pregnancy is no longer a taboo in many cultures through America.There are even shows which document the lives of teen moms and show the obstacles that they face.One of these could be that today teens are provided with accurate, evidence-based and appropriate sexual education in schools.This gives teens the ability to use their knowledge and make informed decisions when it comes to avoiding pregnancy.Teen birth rates differ by racial and ethnic group and religion, for example birth rates are highest with black and Hispanic teens.In 2012 it was recorded that Hispanic teens had the highest birth rate with 46.3 births per 1,000 teenage females.


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