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“The results indicated that most of the college students used mobile phones that most of them reported feeling safer when walking alone at night if they had it, and that the feeling of safety translated into walking places they would not teenager texting or browsing a social media site on their phones? If cell phone use was permitted in the school environment, students would be distracted from learning.

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Cell phones should not Restricting Cell Phones in Public Places How many times have you seen someone on their cell phones in a restaurant or in a public environment?

There have been so many instances when I will be out eating with my family and look over at another table and a person will be in deep conversation on the cell phone, while their family is with them.

The use of cellular phones could be limited to only before and after lectures, while completely turned off during the lecture.

If a student does not abide by this rule then they should immediately be banned from the lecture.

The pros I will list will be from my personal experience.

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One of the main pros for letting students have cell phones in school is simply so they can be in touch with anyone at any point of the day. In the study conducted about mobile phones and safety, many college students felt safer with the possession of their cell phone in certain circumstances and situations.“Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones” (Wang).Over thousands of these cell phones are owned by students K-12.At Barrington, the administration has installed rules that tolerate cell phone use at almost anytime and anywhere, as long as the student does not disrupt the class (Rossi). Even though I do agree cell phones can be a distraction I feel like there are a couple of pros to having cell phones in school.With me being a college student with a cell phone as well as having one while I was in high school and middle school.However, research done by authors Kuznekoff and Titsworth (2013), show the consequences of distractions when college students bring cellular phones to class; the consequence of these actions were poorer grades among everyone within the class.As a student should be permitted to carry a cellular phone, however; it should be forbidden in lecture halls.A major debate topic is should cell phones be allowed in schools?“Twenty-four percent of schools have banned mobile devices altogether and sixty-two percent allow them on school grounds, but not in the classroom” (Raths).Marilyn Brown (2007) reported, “Cell phones are driving teachers crazy.As the phones become smaller and more sophisticated, they are becoming a big problem in universities.


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