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Now, to set myself up for even greater ease and success, I’m going to focus on words that start with “an” followed by “b.” Not every language lets you do this, but German does. Whatever language you’re working on, there will almost always be some memorization advantage you can exploit if you keep your eyes open for opportunities.On the top shelf of this bookcase, I’m going to place the word “anbaggern.” It means “to flirt.” To memorize this word, I see Annikin Skywalker flirting with a peacock who is shoving a plastic bag into an urn.For the sake of this example, let’s say the bookcase has 10 shelves.

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It’s important, however, to take time before getting started to predetermine and prepare the way in advance.

In this case, I decided in advance to do only ten words, so I only made one book case.

Success comes from planning, and as they say in the self-help circles, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Because planning is so important, I created a memory training program called The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan.

It’s also good to have a key image connected with a “bridging figure.” With “an,” for example, you could have Annikin Skywalker, or Anne of Green Gables or anything concrete and visual that you associate with “an.” For more on visualization, the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass includes a course called “Visualization Mastery.” Now as it happens, I’ve just been working on a portion of my ‘A’ Memory Palace devoted to “an” words in German (or words that change meaning when “an” is added to them).

One of my ‘A’ Memory Palace starts in a home my mother used to live in down a forest lane.Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS First off, congratulations. Success also comes from being realistic about the math. But as Kevin Richardson showed us in this episode on how he became the Perfect Learn Japanese app, if you persist, you will succeed.That way, you’ve eliminated a detail you have to remember because you already know how the next word will start.This works just as well with Sanskrit as it does with German phrases.And when you’re using Magnetic Imagery correctly, you can use the principle of compounding as you memorize vocabulary.Then, once you are more practiced with the basics of the Magnetic Memory Method, you can do very interesting things within rooms. Depending on your skill level, your rooms can have multiple bookcases.You can hear us chatting in Berlin on 16 Heavy Metal Memory Methods For German and Music.From there, I would continue on down to the bottom of the shelf and start again on the second one, or move to the next room, etc.You do not need this many stations in your Memory Palaces or thousands of Memory Palaces.For one thing, a proper Memory Palace Network can be scaled.


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