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These programs exist covering most types of commerce, each one having varying features and rewards-schemes.In marketing generally, and in banking, entertainment, hospitality, retailing, and travel more specifically, a loyalty card, rewards card, points card, advantage card, club card is a plastic or paper card, visually similar to a credit card, debit card, or digital card that identifies the card holder as a participant in a loyalty program.Owners of a Madison Loyalty Rewards Card are entitled to unique discounts or incentives at participating businesses and the card can be used an unlimited amount of time by the cardholder.

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The gigantic shopping mall chain, SM Supermalls offers the SM Advantage Card or SMAC that can be used as a loyalty card that earns points as you shop and its partner bank, BDO Unibank also offers BDO Rewards Card that functions the same as the SM Advantage Card.

Retailers accepting the card include: The SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, ACE Hardware and Watsons Pharmacy.

In terms of shopping or purchasing groceries, different chain stores under common ownership often share the same loyalty program, such as A. Watson Group's Money Back, which can be used at Parknshop, Watsons, and Fortress stores, as well as the corporation's retail partners.

Genting Highlands Resort has a loyalty card, World Card, that is primarily used to gain points in Genting Highlands' Resorts and Attractions.

Additional membership categories & options are excluded. Madison Bagel Café, 23 Waverly Pl.15% off any purchase Monday-Thursday Madison Car Wash & Detail Center, 267 Main St.10% off car wash only.

All other services excluded Madison Pharmacy, 66 Main St.30% Good Neighbor Pharmacy Vitamins Madison Photo Plus, 40 Main St.15% off all frames and albums in stock on Mondays and Tuesdays Main Street Submarines, 187 Main St.10% off your entire order. Free Kiddie Soft Serve Cone with any purchase Morris Animal Inn, 120 Sand Spring Rd., Morristown Each month receive off a daycare or lodging visit.Excludes classes Jaeger Lumber, 133 Main St.10% off one propane refill Madison Area YMCA, 111 Kings Rd. off initiation fee for Adult (including Adult 65 ), and family (including Family 65 ) memberships.Not valid on Saturdays Sugar Rush, 10 Waverly Pl.10% off entire purchase The Max Challenge Madison, 25 Main St.0 off Our Regular Price 10 Week Membership Tons of Toys, 64 Main St.15% off entire purchase (some exclusions apply) The offers are also printed on the front and back of the card.For added convenience, the 2019-2020 card is paired with a key tag so its users can be assured to receive their savings every time they visit a participating business.Over time the data can reveal, for example, a given customer's favorite brand of beer, or whether he or she is a vegetarian.Where a customer has provided sufficient identifying information, the loyalty card may also be used to access such information to expedite verification during receipt of cheques or dispensing medical prescription preparations, or for other membership privileges such as access to an airport lounge using a frequent-flyer card.However, it can also be used for Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Häagen-Dazs and it is valid in three countries: Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.Loyalty program can also build in term of app version, which widely use in Starbucks app, TK Bakery App, Loudspeaker App, App Pay.Loyalty cards (both physical and digital) relate to the loyalty business-model.Cards typically have a barcode or magstripe that can be easily scanned, although some are chip cards or proximity cards.


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