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I was further able to identify the key strategies and implementations which can be used by the businessmen for the globalization of their businesses keeping in mind those macro-environmental factors.I have identified that the next layer associated with the global business environment is the industry.

I was further able to identify the key strategies and implementations which can be used by the businessmen for the globalization of their businesses keeping in mind those macro-environmental factors.I have identified that the next layer associated with the global business environment is the industry.

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For example, this class helped me to understand the fact that governments impose some rules and regulations in the business sector to convey environmental and social aims.

However, I figured out that the government of a country may violate those regulations and shrink the number of resources that may help in generating revenues for the businesses.

This helps the businesses to develop strategies for the successful penetration into the international markets.

The lecturer has presented the concepts of change processes of globalization as well by which I figured out the changes due to globalization may bring risks for the businesses.

This class helped me to identify that the change processes of globalization may bring challenges and difficulties for internationalization of the businesses.

However, on the other hand, I have found out that change may be advantageous for bringing new opportunities for the expansion of the businesses in global environment.I was able to identify several ethical issues of GBE process such as the entire qualified workforce is switching towards first world countries however, manual workers and low-qualified workforce is experiencing a loss of jobs.The class assisted me to build an understanding of corporate social responsibility issues of the business environment as well.I was able to understand the concepts of PESTLE and STEEP analysis and the class has helped be to implement the tool in this assignment.The class helped me to update my knowledge in the areas of international management positions and strategies used by the businesses for the expansion in the global environment.I have figured out that the global practice of businesses has become very much complex by the effect of globalization.Moreover, this class helped me in the identification and implementation of several macro-environmental analysis tools for the analysis of the business environment in global perspective.I further derived that the globalization has made the business environment more prone to incorporate strategies of international management.The class helped me to understand the layers of global business environments as well which is composed of macro-environment, industry, competitors associated with the business.This class assisted me to derive that globalization bring out many opportunities as well as the threats for the businesses.Threats imposed by globalization may include the cultural diversification issues as well as security issues.


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