Essay On City Life And Country Life

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Villages rarely have more than one medical institution and they are usually understaffed with poor healthcare facilities.There are also banks, shopping centers, telephone, rest rooms, drinking fountains, just to name a few.

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The only viable economic activity with a higher likelihood of succeeding in the villages is farming.

However, farming does not work much in their favor since they are just producers.

In the cities, communication networks are virtually everywhere even in the poorest neighborhoods. Cities have police patrolling twenty four hours a day.

Aside from that, there are CCTV cameras all over the city, which makes it easier to catch criminals and solve crimes.

One of the biggest debates humans have is whether city life is better than village life or vice versa.

Each area represents the opposite of the other and the advantages of one are actually the disadvantages of the other.

Even though most of them would have preferred to stay in the less stressful villages, they had to move to cities due to economic reasons.

Here are reasons why city life is better than village life. The cities generally have well-structured transport network systems that connect virtually all areas of the urban centers.

Entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, cinemas, coffee shops and fast food restaurants make life more fulfilling and fun.

There also recreational facilities, such as museums, parks and zoos, where people go to relax and enjoy.


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