Essay On A Lost Opportunity That I Regret

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The person who does not grab those chances would have wasted them.

At work, a woman may have been presented with an opportunity to know her boss better.

And I look to the older one with so much hope to be a better and wiser older brother.

My brother wrote me a letter saying he was having a tough time assimilating to his college. When we learned of this, I just didn't know how to be a supportive older brother..that point, it was clear he was not expecting me to be and that hurts more than my inattentiveness. He is now in a community college and decides to be a dentist. It’s clear he’s trying to follow suit but ends up dropping out again. I see my young brother in my younger son and I look upon him with so much belated affection.

He would not let such an opportunity slip away and waste it.

"If you could get one do-over in life what would it be and why? These scholarship winners used their do-over moments to help them earn free money for college. But to me, you were hilarious--they were bad, but we told and laughed at those jokes together. We would sit on that manhole cover at recess and tell stories; you would pick at yellow dandelions as you talked.If she declined a date with him, she may have denied herself an opportunity of a fine husband provided that he were of good character.Again, a man may see an opportunity to display his talents in a project.Others would then say that he had wasted his opportunity.Opportunities arise as one goes through life, whether at home, in studies or later on at work.I hate it, seeing you around the high school but not being able to say “hi.” People would talk about you, and I could barely stand it--they knew you better than I did. With each challenge and curveball that life has thrown my way, it shines through to me that do-overs are available in abundance if we choose to look at life with a different perspective.Every time I heard your name, about your achievements, about how you wanted to be an English teacher, a knot forms in my chest (cheesy, right? I’m happy plenty, but I’d be happier still if you were with me, too. Despite all the regrets I’ve compiled as I’ve aged, I’ve come to one conclusion on the option of do-overs: I wouldn’t change a single thing. Essentially, each day is our own personal do-over--another day to try again and be better than the person we were yesterday.Those who are born with rich or educated parents have a head start in life.A rich son can enter a better school or an educated parent can give informed advice to his children.If he jumps at the chance and does well, his potential may be recognized in the form of a promotion by his appreciative boss.Then people would remark that he had not wasted the opportunity which came by. If they result in undesirable outcomes, one will not blame oneself. What would be sad to hear would be about people who with the person who says that he should have married that good girl or that he should have pursued that course which would have led to fortune.


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