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The development of such cooperation allows Microsoft to expand its market share as well as to enter new markets.

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In addition, the company relies heavily on its marketing strategy oriented on meeting customers’ needs and development business partnerships.

The company expands its markets and keeps its business growing.

Leaders of the company are supportive and serve as guides to their subordinates, helping them to achieve better results and to fulfill their professional duties.

Corporate Philosophy The corporate philosophy focuses on the work-life balance to make employees of the company feel comfortable at work that naturally increases their productivity and efficiency of their performance.

Creating and maintaining a healthy organization culture needs adherence to the standards of shared respects, convictions and theories of how the top to bottom members of a company need to behave and work.

Hence, with an aim and role to recognize how companies work and evaluate how things are being done, management and leadership are indeed important in developing and sustaining a healthy organizational culture.In this regard, it is possible to refer to the recent acquisition of Skype Technologies.In fact, this strategy allows Microsoft to expand its market share fast and to enter new markets as well.In addition, the company uses tie-up strategy developing close cooperation with other companies, such as IBM, for instance, to promote their products and to sell them to consumers successfully.The company develops close business relations with its business partners.As applied in the organizational setting of software giant Microsoft Corporation, management and leadership have proven to be beneficial not only to the officers of the company but to all members of the company as well.In an effort to clearly present the nature and implications of management and leadership, this paper will discuss how the two concepts were applied in the corporate set-up of Microsoft.Microsoft encourages positive interpersonal relationships between professionals working in the company.The main point of the company’s corporate culture is to make employees’ feel they comprise a part of the team.On analyzing existing problems, the company can introduce changes and improve its products to increase the customer satisfaction.The close cooperation with customers breeds customers’ loyalty to the brand, while the customer loyalty is one of the crucial factors of the marketing success of the company in the contemporary business environment.


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