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Rodriguez said a lot of Mexican kids growing up in the U. Martinez said he believes mariachi music is actually more popular among Mexican immigrants in the U. Part of Martinez’s vision for the academy is that it will help preserve Mexican culture and pass on traditions to the next generation.He said he wanted to encourage the female students.“The parents love to see their daughters be part of the project,” he said.Interest in mariachi among Mexican-American youth seems to be growing as formal and informal music schools proliferate and some American high schools even have mariachi bands. Mariachi, a genre that dates back more than 150 years, has been largely dominated by male musicians since the beginning. At first, the school only had 15 students and four of them were his kids, who he admits to obligating to participate.Today, the school has expanded to also offer classes in Astoria and Harlem.My best friend and I were feeling spontaneous so we took a week off work and went on a cruise.We both found it difficult to eat on the ship because we were continually getting sea sick.Itzel Rodriguez, who is 14 and plays violin, was one of the first members of the all-girls band.She can still remember how Mexican music first captivated her attention.QUEENS, NY — The rhythmic strumming of guitars and guitarrones played in unison could be heard throughout the bright and expansive basement of Saint Gabriel Church in Queens. ” García is among the advanced students who help teach classes at Nuevo Amanecer Mariachi Academy.Several yards away from the group of guitar players, 16-year-old Dyana García stood in front of a whiteboard drawing a spiraling symbol. Every week she gives lessons on music theory and violin.


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