Essay Country Vs City

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Living in the countryside, people can spend more time with their family, parents have can rise their children by themselves and educate them become a good person.

“Being physically healthy often leads to good mental health.

Also they are the reasons that people are preferring living in the countryside.

The first major difference between living in the city or in the countryside is the environment. There are modern buildings, many cars and people on the street, and the exhaust and dust fill the air; People hardly see the beautiful clear sky in the city.

This condition has become an interesting social phenomenon.

There are three major differences between the city life and the country life; the environment is different, the life style is different and the people’s happiness and life satisfaction is different.Also, countryside is a place where you don’t have to lock your car or even your front door.The security has eliminated people’s estrangement and misunderstanding.People living in the city barely know their neighbors name.One the other hand, people in the countryside are very close with their family and neighbors.Conclusively, the city is a place which full of vanity and wealth, People here sometimes lost themselves, they fight all the time, fight with bad social phenomenon, and constantly struggle with other people.Stroke by stroke, people lost their original kind and simplicity.“Compared with people living in rural areas, persons living in urbanized areas are at higher risk of suicide. Therefore, too much pressure will cause serious problem.The risk of suicide in the general population increases progressively with the increase in the degree of urban city of the place of residence; and the highest risk ratio is 1. Secondly, the family relationship and relationship with neighbors sometimes are also different between the city and the countryside.Parents are too busy to educate their children, even talk to them.Adults are too busy to visit their old parents, even greeting.


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