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Artistic freedom serves as an indicator of the health of a society at its root.A society able to withstand the condemnation of a single artist or stand in the wake of “Gadfly” in any form proves stability at the core.

Artistic freedom serves as an indicator of the health of a society at its root.

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Ai notes that “‘education should teach you to think, but [the government] just wants to control everyone’s mind.’ What the regime is most afraid of, he says, is ‘free discussion’” (Stevens). A discussion of the morals, values, and culture of a society frequently arises from the production and dissemination of new art forms and artists; some discussions prove disturbing to some, constructive to others.

Artists throughout recent history have attributed truth to the saying that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” An imperative of artistic purpose arises in this short collection of words, yet art serves so many other purposes as well.

Modern China presents an astoundingly important example in the study of the freedom of artistic expression in the world today due to several factors: its recent history of suppression and its current titular censorship intermingled with cases of real censorship constitute a poisonous environment for art.

Ai Weiwei has been described as “the most powerful artist in the world,” in what some predict will “become the most powerful nation in the world” (Stevens). Some of his more famous pieces such as Sunflower Seeds at the Tate Modern in London, present the idea of China critically, in response to its sheer population and the magnitude of every entity associated with the nation.

In another sphere, Miley Cyrus employs the idea of freedom of expression to its threshold, making statements ardently condemned by individuals who have different tastes and perhaps moral values.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers a counter idea to complete artistic freedom to be refuted by ideas and developments of modern artists.Fundamentally, a discussion of morals, ideologies, and cultural direction arises from the controversial figure, a healthy piece of a well functioning society and something that Ai Weiwei’s China cannot have due to incomplete freedom of art.A fundamental truth regarding the nature of art stems from such ideas; suppression of art destroys the ability of a society to communicate, even if some may consider the art destructive.A government which must scramble to cover an artistic exposé of its wrongs depicted by the ideas of the same artist time and time again substantiates the idea of fragility; Ai, teaching artistically the invisible (to domestic Chinese) ideologies of his government, realizes the inherent fragility of the new order.By suppressing Ai’s artistic freedom, China likewise suppresses free political and educational speech, a dangerous action with putrid moral consequences and the dissemination of sentimental mistrust of a government amongst the people, if they find out.The controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei represents one individual in the fight for free artistic expression in the world today.He intentionally provokes the Chinese government as well as the Chinese populace in order to make a statement demonstrating the suppression occurring as a result of Chinese government policies.A society should grant the same legal freedom to artistic speech as it does to any other type of speech, pending it grants such freedoms in the first place.A sick, stagnant population may be created through censorship of free art, speech, and education.Miley Cyrus’s sex-laced, drug influenced music videos in which she is often promiscuously (if barely) dressed incite rage in the more culturally conservative critics of American art.Parents of children who idolize such pop stars may also not appreciate the provocative artistry of the pop star.


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