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She not only illustrates for us how the family grieves in their own separate ways, but how Susie struggles in heaven to come to grips with her death and the pain she feels watching her family deal with this hardship without her help.The Salmon's were a typical American family that consisted of both parents and three children, fourteen-year-old Susie, thirteen-year-old Lindsey and three-year-old Buckley. People try to imagine what it might be like to leave this Earth, and soon they slowly come spiraling back down from their mountain of clouds, and realize that is incomprehensible to imagine such an event.

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By comparing the symbolism of heaven, from its originality to its spin off media portrayal, the reader will hopefully gain a better understanding of the purposes of each treatment, and in turn, realize that preference is simply the only determinant when deciphering which treatment is more appropriate when show... This pairing allows for a better understanding of the scenes of the story, while getting a range of inventive portrayals besides one’s own.

In conclusion, whether portrayed in a book or in a movie, Susie’s heaven is whatever the reader wants it to be.

The novel and the movie portray heaven in both visibly different spectrums of light.

One forces the observers to attach themselves to this visual portrayal of heaven and ride the same emotional feelings as Susie does shown in the movie.

The character I choose from the novel Lovely Bones is Mr. His role in this novel was that he is a serial Killer. A serial killer is someone that killed more than three people over a period more than a month. Harvey killed Susie the main character in this novel. His dad abandons his mom after the argument that they next to the car in the streets over truth and consequences in Mexico. The thing about him is that, after every kill he takes breaks. Every night when he dreams about beautiful building they keep his urge to kill people is under control.

He rapped her, and cut her body up, and packaged it, and drove 8 miles and dumped it in a sinkhole.. His mom was desperate that she taught him how to steal and shoplift. When he isn’t having nice dreams about beautiful buildreams, he gets out of the house to kill young teenagrs.It truly doesn’t matter how the reader expresses his or her interest in the story, as long as an understanding and acceptance is achieved, it is irrelevant how one could have gotten there.It is simply a means of preference, whether one likes to envision their own imagery, and in doing so, sparks a personal connection to what they may feel heaven actually means to them, or, has the envisioning process done for you, accepting pre made imagery showcasing the wonders of heaven and what creativity and cinematography have to offer.The book, on the other hand, allows the reader to visualize in his or her own mind, what heaven means to them.This personal connection to the book may unravel deep curiosities that even the reader was oblivious to. ..was already constructed, and apply it to the scene that was currently being read.Her murder was an unexpected one, but George Harvey was the only one expecting this moment for weeks.The Lovely Bones (novel by Alice Sebold and movie directed by Peter Jackson) describes the fictional incident of a young girl that is murdered, and her struggle to maintain a portal to the mortal world to contact her family, while also finding within herself, the acceptance to move forward with her immortal life in heaven.There always seems to be something extremely upsetting when we hear about the murder of a child.When we hear about tragedies of this nature through news or television shows, one can only imagine the pain and grief the family is going through.No matter how heartbreaking we find the situation we hear about to be, we know that our grief is just a small fraction compared to the grief the entire family and those closet to the deceased child are feeling.In the novel, "The Lovely Bones" Alice Sebold takes us into the lives of the Salmon family, who have just experienced the loss of their fourteen-year-old relative Susie.


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