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Some theses are exploratory, theoretical and experimental: that is, observations are made of a system, a theory is proposed which explains those observations, new predictions are made from this theory, and experiments are conducted to verify the predictions.This is probably overkill for Masters-level work, but may be appropriate at the Doctoral level.

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” Prediction P must be interesting and non-trivial to test.

The novelty in an experimental thesis comes from the design, execution and analysis of the experiment.

Learn more: resources for graduate students Upon the completion of the written thesis, the student must defend it orally.

The thesis advisor must approve the thesis for the defense before its final submission to the faculty committee.

applies science and mathematics to solve practical problems from everyday life.

Engineering uses physics, chemistry, materials science, mechanics, thermodynamics, systems analysis and mathematics to create a new and optimal solution.

Its four essential questions are: The novelty in an engineering thesis is normally found in the solution to the problem.

The problem should be general enough that its solution is interesting outside the immediate context of your thesis.

The defense takes place no less than one week after the student has submitted the thesis to the Graduate School and has presented copies to the faculty committee members. The faculty committee generally meets with the candidate in a closed meeting following the open oral presentation.

During the defense, the faculty committee may question the student on both the content of the thesis and the student's course work.


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