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A broad definition of creative writing would be something along the lines of “an open and imaginative form of writing in which the author freely expresses their unique thoughts and feelings”.It is the focus on authenticity, imagination, and expression which separates creative writing form other forms.I want to help as many people as possible to become empowered happy writers!

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It’s exactly this flow state that attracts us to the craft of writing – it’s what sends a shiver down our spine when we write. You can’t force your way into it, and the harder you try to fore it, the harder it becomes to access that state.

That’s why staring at a blank page can often make your blockages even worse.

OK, so why have I titled this post promising you a way to get past that block? If I hire a plumber, I don’t expect them to say ‘No I can’t come today because I’m blocked! I love Jeffrey Archer best selling books, you might not be aware of his writing routine.

’ When you’re employed to do an office or factory job, you can’t ring your boss one lunchtime and say, ‘I’m not coming in this afternoon, I’m blocked.’ ‘’ I hear you whisper, with a sigh and a creative flounce away to stare at the sky. Some days will be harder than others, some days the unicorns aren’t tiptoeing through the forest, the spies aren’t being secretive, the travel globe isn’t spinning… You could be imagining the millionaire writer sitting next to his private pool, or on a beach with a panama hat and a cocktail, scribbling some creative thoughts on an expensive journal before wandering into the sunset for more inspiration.

One story, written in Spanish and English, takes place at a kitchen table with untouched frijoles and tortillas slowly growing cold.

It is difficult to offer an absolute definition of creative writing.In order to get into a writing flow state, you have to simply start writing while you’re NOT in a flow state.And that’s why you get “writer’s block." Many potential writers never get a grasp on this idea, and that’s why they fight a lifelong, uphill battle against “writer’s block." I put “writer’s block" in quote marks, because once you understand how to get into a writing flow state you realize that Author Bryan Cohen has been writing on the subject of writer's block and personal development since 2007, though he's been a playwright, poet and fiction writer since 2001.(My course ‘No More Excuses’ which helps you find the time to write, and create a writing habit is here.) Once you accept that the habit is essential, you genuinely may struggle to work on a specific piece.If your characters are not ‘talking’ to you, it can help if you shift gears and that is when my prompts can come in handy.Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. Writing prompts are questions and hypothetical situations that are able to cure writer's block instantly.Cohen has a degree in English from the University of North Carolina.He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois where he also acts and does improv comedy. Just say to your self ‘I’m a writer’ grab a glass of water and go start writing. ) https:// Independent Freedom Creative/ If you enjoyed this post, CLICK HERE and I’ll make sure you receive my newsletter, so you’ll not miss out on future giveaways or blog content.I’d love you to share this post with any creatives you know!


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