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Remember that your readers may not know the intricacies of the college admissions process, so you don’t need to incorporate every edit or suggestion if it’s not something with which you agree or are comfortable..When you sign up for our program, we carefully pair you with the perfect admissions specialist based on your current academic and extracurricular profile and the schools in which you’re interested.Further immersed in this controversy, the word liberal in liberal arts has been embraced by both ends of the political spectrum, and can scarcely be uttered without turning the conversation into a verbal duel between conservative reformists on one side, and liberal traditionalist on the other.

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For the sake of clarity, two distinct 'sides' prevail within our higher education system today.

When working on your college applications, you’ll write numerous essays, including your Common Application or Coalition Application essay and supplemental essays for each college, some of which will have similar themes. Colleges want a diverse student body that includes different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, backgrounds, interests, and so on.

For these reasons, diversity can be a good choice for an application essay.

Although the Common Application dropped a question specifically about diversity back in 2013, the current Common Application essay questions still allow for an essay on the topic.

Diversity is such a broad topic that there are many ways to approach it in an essay.

You will also find that many colleges and universities have supplemental essays on diversity, even if that word isn't used in the essay prompt.Traditional Diversity At UC-Berkeley, the course description for "Politics and Poetics" (Fall Course 2002) stated that "conservative thinkers are encouraged to seek other sections." (SAF 1).Though the instructor later apologized for the description, this is the sort of encouragement conservative-minded students are greeted with many times during their college experience.It is said that in class, students are taught that their country -- and Western culture in general -- is tainted by racism, sexism, and oppression (Stearn 2).Outside class, students are forced into consciousness-raising exercises that heighten tensions and bolster radical pressure groups (Stearn 2).For example, at Brown University, an organized coalition of The hope for cultural improvement in problem areas, even on a global scale, lies primarily in the critical forums of our nation's classrooms, where young, motivated minds are preparing to jump into the world with both feet.Because academic success is measured not only by what is learned, but also by what is taught, it is imperative that all perspectives be provided (Fish 3).Specifically, essay option one invites you to discuss your background or identity, and these broad categories open the door to an essay about the ways in which you will contribute to campus diversity.Many of the other Common Application essay options—whether on obstacles, challenging beliefs, solving a problem, or personal growth—can also lead to essays about diversity.(250 words)For example, if you grew up in a socioeconomic circumstance that made it difficult to have the same type of experience your peers have had, this sets you apart.Alternatively, you might write about a difficult experience you had and how it shaped you.


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