Dependence On Technology Essay

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For a long time computers have been all over the place and most households have them.

Internet is the common activity on the computers and the internet is used to expand our information, listen to music, play games, chat and watch videos.

Literature review Technology is the knowledge and usage of tools, crafts, systems, methods and techniques of organization so as to resolve problems or even serve some purposes.

It is from Greek word technologia meaning studying of skill, craft or art.

There many types of technologies for example information technology, construction technology and medical technology. Since then the increase in technology has made the world dependent on technology.

This dependence is has both its pros and cons and they include: Technology and communication Communication is the most important aspect of life and technology has developed various advancements so as to improve communication.For example cellphones, computers and television are all essential devices for communication and one is lost and confused without one of them.Technologies' help make communication completely dependable and consistent as one can watch the television and know what is happening all over the world by watching the news.Also one can use a computer to check emails that can help you get in touch with the world of business, some teachers even use the emails to send and receive assignments and also give the lecture notes.Cellphones are also used to communicate with people all over the world.People are also so used to compact digital cameras that they have troubles operating digital SLR cameras.The dependence on the technology is too much that people are losing their ability to think and even read as people have all the information they need on the internet.Communications across the continents have been made easier by use of technology.With technology developing every day various careers in technology have become popular and in- demand.In the united states the rise of technopoly was described by Postman as one that reduces the meaning of religion, history and human life to technique and machinery, cultural life forms being submitted to technology and therefore, depriving the society of its culture, past, social purpose, tranquility and their beliefs.Unemployment According to Fred Twine (1994), Employment is usually seen as the foundation of independence in the industrial society but many are lowly paid, for some reasons unable to work or even unemployed.


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