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Therefore, in terms of flexibility, data deduplication should be combined with data access control techniques.

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Therefore, deduplication cannot be achieved in this case. proposed a convergent encryption using a hash value of a plaintext as an encryption key [3].

Here, the encryption scheme is not large enough (messages are often predictable) [4].

If the deduplication technique does not check file privileges, it would violate file access rights, which would bring some security problems.

Since deduplication inevitably implies data sharing, control over access permissions in encrypted deduplication storage is more important than a traditional encrypted storage.

Deduplication is a special data compression technique to remove redundant copies of repeated data and can be used to effectively reduce data storage space and communication overhead.

However, in the corporate environment, employees have different permissions to information depending on their job or department.

This requires that the data be stored in an encrypted form that supports access control policies so that no one but a user with a particular type of attributes (privilege information) can decrypt the encrypted data.

On the other hand, the amount of data stored in the storage of cloud storage providers (CSPs) is growing very rapidly, especially at the age of big data.

Therefore, a design of a cloud storage system supporting both of these properties is required.

In this paper, we propose an authorized deduplication scheme using CP-ABE (Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption) to solve this problem.


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