Critical Analysis Essay On The Chrysanthemums

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Some even push the symbolism of the flowers, and Elisa's masculine actions, to suggest she is unable to establish a true relationship between herself and another.

Her masculine traits and her chrysanthemums are enough to fulfill her entirely. Instead, it will argue that Elisa's chrysanthemums, and her masculine qualities are natural manifestations of a male dominated world....

Elisa Allen is the main character who is at her strongest and most proud in the garden and weakened when she becomes vulnerable and loses her connection to the outer world.

Elisa shows a new aura of confidence when she makes this connection to a peddler, who also is the cause of her realization of reality and her crying....

Her moments with her husband, like "the winding engine" are hurried "with brief pauses" (2113).

Lawrence describes their intimacy as an "exchanging of nakedness," but without any real connection for long periods of time. [tags: Chrysanthemums Essays] - Sexuality in Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums Reading over this excellent story once more, I am again filled with the same emotion (if it can be called that) that I experienced when first reading it. In a letter to George Albee in 1933, Steinbeck comments on this story and his interest in Albee's opinion of it. It is entirely different and is designed to strike without the reader's knowledge.

Throughout the story, Henry is on the outside, never really understanding Elisa and how she feels....

[tags: The Chrysanthemums Essays] - The Odor of Chrysanthemums The locomotive engine may be symbolic of Walter.

Steinbeck makes it clear that Elisa yearns for something more in her life then the everyday routines of farm life.

While Elisa is portrayed as strong, in the end, her strength serves to be insufficient in having the courage to effect any real change in her life since her fragile self-esteem proves to be too susceptible to outside forces....


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