Consequences For Plagiarism On College Essay

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Writing a well-researched and thought-out paper is the cornerstone of a successful education.

Understanding how to interpret other better educated, informed and more intellectual thinkers' ideas and explain them in one's own words is the most satisfying and clear example of a well-developed mind.

While the internet and Google have given us answers at our fingertips, they have also taken away the opportunity to wonder and contemplate - if only for a few minutes.

Students today have naturally learned to expect answers quickly and easily, and to turn around and respond correctly just as rapidly.

Source: Everydaylife.Sometimes, students will use information in their work that they are given by other students who have taken courses before them - not an entire paper, but bits and pieces, websites, paragraphs - even sentences. Unless the source of the information can be verified, it's a good idea to pass on unsubstantiated or uncited information.

If it's found to be plagiarized data, the professor or instructor won't be interested in the explanation that someone else provided the information without citation.

Consequences of Plagiarism Most colleges and universities have Academic Honesty policies that address Plagiarism.

At Sierra College, consequences of Plagiarism include a failing grade for the assignment or the entire course.

Also, a student may be referred to the Disciplinary Officer for more server consequences like suspension or expulsion.

Tips For Avoiding Plagiarism In order to avoid Plagiarism a student must use proper citations.


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