Components Of A Great Thesis Statement

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The Revolution wrought little political change in the lives of women because they did not gain the right to vote or run for office.

For example, a counterargument might be that most women were eager to return to the way life was before the war and thus did not try to usurp men's role on the home front.

Or, someone could argue that women were already active in running households, farms, and businesses before the war, and thus the war did not mark a significant departure. Writers try to show that their arguments are stronger than the counterarguments that could be leveled against them.

This thesis recognizes the complexity of the issue, conceding that the Revolution had both positive and negative effects for women, but that the latter outweighed the former.

Remember that it will take several rounds of revision to craft a strong thesis, so keep revising until your thesis articulates a thoughtful and compelling argument.


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