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The second method of organization is Block-by-Block.In this method, you will develop one paragraph that will be devoted to explaining one topic.Once you've chosen the topic, you'll next want to...

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By doing so, you not only better understand the two subjects, but you reveal the concepts and connections, and possibly what makes them the way they are. The Venn diagram gives us 3 gorgeously clear sections to work with, which will fit nicely into that 3-paragraph-body format.

Depending on the prompt assigned, you may find your mind is overwhelmed by the myriad similarities and differences related to your subjects. Well, I have some good news for the bold typing friend who lives in my head, and anyone else who may be reading: I will, indeed, give you an example.

This writing tool allows you to clearly organize the similarities and differences of two subjects with two simple, overlapping circles. So, the introduction paragraph of your five paragraph compare and contrast essay will, besides introducing your topic and hooking your reader like Ali in his prime, present a solid thesis that guides the rest of your paper.

I suggest you draw a big Venn diagram on a piece of paper and write everything you can think of that fits in the three sections. Which similarities and differences best relate to the prompt, or the course in general? A common problem in compare and contrast essays is a weak thesis statement.

In writing a compare and contrast essay there are key concepts that needs to be shown, firstly, when writing an essay the imperative step to take is drafting an outline which entails a step by step occurrence of events that will be discussed in an essay, for a compare and contrast essay there is need to draft a dichotomous outline which contains the various differences and similarities between the two subject being debated on.

This to an extent is the skeletal structure of an essay which will be fleshed in the body of the essay.

It may seem easy to look at Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un and notice the surface-level differences and similarities. What I’m trying to say is, when you are structuring your essay, just keep it simple, you silly goose. In fact, it lines up with our Venn diagram in an incredible fashion.

The compare and contrast essay often asks you to go beyond the surface, to perform a critical analysis of the two subjects, and to begin to understand the underlying tendencies and characteristics. The 5 paragraph essay includes an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Writing can be used to persuade and dissuade human being and also writing can be used to describe an event which can be fictitious or non-fictitious.

Essay writing in the same vein can be written for different reasons there are essays that exposes us to some unknown fact about a particular subject, essays can also be a base for argument for or against a particular event or subject.


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