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Anne is beautiful and chic and elegant whereas Elsa is clumsy and bashful and more down to earth.

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L'étranger was published in 1942 in a very short print run; it was not subject to censorship as it was not deemed to be a dangerous work which might prejudice the French population against the German occupier.

In fact L'étranger invites the reader to consider his relationship with society and the people around him, to evaluate the network of relationships which shape our lives and the meaning of life itself-if there is one.

She fails her main exams and leaves school to go and live with her dad.

he doesn't know how to be a dad but he loves cecile a lot and spoils her.

Their relationship is upended when Anne, a mature and cultured friend of Raymond’s late wife, arrives at the villa.

Raymond quickly falls for her, and Cécile worries that their way of life will be disrupted.Later that evening she finds out that anne's car had gone off a cliff edge overlooking the sea and she died.Cecile is wracked with guilt and sadness - "Bonjour tristesse" this leaves the audience wondering if Anne did it on purpose or if it was just a tragic accident. It helps to make nots out of the book to back up your points if you're writing an essay.This then leaves Anne, Anne finds Raymond kissing elsa in the woods and storms away in her car.Cecile is overjoyed that she has left and that her plan has worked.This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of is a novel by French author Françoise Sagan, first published in 1954 when the author was only eighteen years old.The main character, Cécile, lives with her rich father Raymond on the French Riviera.I'm pretty sure you just need to have an idea of the plot and each character.There are 5 main characters Cecile (the 17 year old girl who is telling the story) - student but left boarding school Raymond (the 42 year old father who is v rich) - works in publishing Anne (Cecile's deceased mothers 42 year old friend) - is a designer Elsa ( 26ish and Raymond's mistress) - she's a socialite that dates rich men Cyril (a 29 year old who they meet on holiday) - law student staying with his mother Cecile's mother died when she was young and since then she went to boarding school - she hardly ever sees her father. I'm studying A2 French early and because I'm under 18 I cannot study the same film as the rest of my class so am self studying Bonjour tristesse.My teacher isn't familiar with the book so am here to ask if anyone would be willing to share any resources with me, anything would be great.


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