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Red Flags to Look For: For more information on AOB’s, go to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s Assignment of Benefits information page or consult your state’s Department of Insurance.When an insured assigns its rights to post-loss benefits to a third-party, under the insurance policies, can the third-party bring a breach of contract claim against the insurer?

You know the insurance company will want one anyway, so why not get a head start. Assignment of benefits is a legal document that allows a third party to be paid for certain services that they do for an insured homeowner, in which the homeowner would normally be reimbursed by the insurance company directly after making a claim.

Well believe it or not “getting a head start” may sound like a simple process, but it could turn into a nightmare. Assignment of benefits (AOB) is commonly used when a homeowner experiences roof damage, a leaky pipe, a damaged appliance, etc. Most Assignment of Benefits agreements presented to the homeowner allow the contractor to stand in the shoes of the homeowner for insurance collection purposes.

In Arizona, the general rule is that an indemnity insurance policy “cannot be assigned, especially where an assignment is expressly prohibited by the terms of the policy, unless the insurer consents.” , 15 Ariz. Instead, they assigned a claim under and right of action on the policy. Farmers argued the assignments increased the insurer’s risk or altered the duties and obligations under the insurance policies.

The Court of Appeals cited to the holding in other states that permit assignment of post-loss benefits due under insurance policies.

Here are some red flags to watch out for: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Contact your Bankers agent if you have any questions or concerns if you need to sign any contracts.

Our agents are available every day of the week to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You are signing away your rights to the claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you experience a loss, be sure to contact your insurance company first, before doing anything else.This will help you avoid dealing with an AOB issue completely.AOB’s are legal contracts with no “right of rescission” or “cooling off period.” If you choose to enter into an AOB, it is wise to seek legal advice prior to signing the contract as most often, the only way out of one is through the court of law.It should be noted that you need to sign an AOB to get an insurance claim processed or your property repaired though you may feel pressured by the contractor or salesman.The insureds assigned to Eco Dry their “rights, benefits, proceeds an causes of action” under the policies. Each policy contained an anti-assignment provision stating that the insured’s “interest in this policy may not be transferred to another person without [Farmers’] written consent.” The Superior Court denied Farmers’ Motion to Dismiss.Farmers refused to pay Eco Dry’s repair bills in full, which led to Eco Dry suing Farmers and alleging breach of the insurance policies. Farmers petitioned the Court of Appeals for special action review.Assignments are given to students to bridge the gap between student’s learning at school and at home.Assignments are assumed to produce the desired documents which can be put to use for future study.Health insurance A method where the person receiving the medical benefits assigns the payment of those benefits to a physician or hospital.See Dual assignment, Mandatory assignment, Participation, Random assignment.


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