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But it should be interesting, attractive and appealing.

In order to meet the mentioned criteria, here are few ideas used by our seasoned writers.

The truth is introduction does not make the first impression on your readers; it is the structure of essay that assures your readers that the writing you presented maintains a flow of ideas and coherent structure.

So here we present to you three major parts of essay and how to develop them.

We all are aware that an essay takes shape with three major sections, introduction, body and conclusion.

As Level English Lit Essays Macbeth Guilty Conscience Essay

We here expound each part of literature essay writing.Before you understand what makes an effective introduction of literature essay, make sure you know the following rudiment of essay introduction writing, • Avoid boring sentences like, ‘In this essay, I am going to project…’ No one is interested to read prognosis of the essay, which can be easily inserted later in the introduction part.But in the first sentence, you need to add a tempting/introductory sentence to let your readers to have a sneak peek of you writing.For example, you are writing a critical review on ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams, the opening sentence would be, As it looks elegant and relevant, good essayists prefer to involve quotations in writing.But before you think about including a literary quotation from the discussed text, you need to be sure about the purpose of writing it in the first place.For instance, your essay prompt given by your professor is, ‘Mc Ewan relies on several key narrative techniques to create a sense of tension and excitement.Discuss” You as a writer need to convert this statement into a question so that it becomes feasible for you to make readers understand the purpose of the writing.So you should try different techniques to bring some freshness in your writing.Quoting a word or phrase from the text is one of the impactful ways.To present your ideas correlated to text, you can involve a word or phrase from the prose in your writing.• Always think of the question that you need to answer.


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