Agree And Disagree Essay

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Not only are books one of the simplest technologies ever invented, and therefore extremely easy to use, but they are also physical sites of memory.

Many readers remember what they have read in a book by remembering the look, feel and even smell of a book as they have read it.” This series of supporting arguments has a number of virtues.

Clearly, this fact does not, by itself, show that they deserve public funding.

Nevertheless, a good case can, in fact, be made for public financial support for libraries.”With this transition between the first and second aspects of the question, you have done a number of things.

Yet it does not follow that, if relevant, they must be funded.

It’s good to demonstrate your awareness that the question has more than one aspect to it.“We have seen that libraries are very far from irrelevant.

You are not expected, for example, to have precise facts and figures about library use at your fingertips!

But you are being asked to show that you understand the general principle of the need to support opinions with , with evidence of some kind.

“Modern life is increasingly chaotic.” Do you agree or disagree? “The death penalty is barbaric and should not be legal anywhere.” Do you agree or disagree? “Libraries are irrelevant in the age of the internet and should not be publicly funded.” Do you agree or disagree?

It is possible to argue a case opposite to your own real opinion, but you are more likely to argue convincingly if you argue for a case in which you yourself believe.


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