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This requires commitment and a great deal of energy.

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Written by Harold Robert Meyer, MBA, BCC, SCAC and Susan Karyn Lasky, M.

S., BCC, SCAC There are many reasons why a child is disruptive or inattentive in class. It is a highly hereditary neurobiological problem characterized by behavioral difficulties that may vary in intensity.

However, many children who exhibit these behaviors have a form of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Environment, attitude and internal motivation can influence behaviors.

Testing (a combination of neurological, psychological and educational testing, along with a detailed family history) is used to pinpoint ADHD as the probable issue.

Parents of kids with ADHD are generally very frustrated.

There is a pervasive attitude that, since the children misbehave, the parents are doing a terrible job of parenting.However, to successfully teach a child with ADHD, teachers must understand their “hidden” disability, along with its behaviors and challenges.They need to reach the student on a meaningful level, focus on the child’s strengths, inspire and motivate.Here are a number of tips for effective classroom management: ADD and ADHD are used interchangeably for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.Any information or suggestions in this article are solely the opinion of the author(s) and should not replace the advice of appropriate medical, legal, therapeutic, financial or other professionals.They are often criticized for not exerting enough discipline.Meanwhile, they may have relatives or spouses who criticize them for being too strict.However, they are not “bad” kids and want very much to be liked and appreciated.Many older children, upon being diagnosed, are thrilled to find that there is a reason for their lack of control and inability to focus— that the things they’ve always felt are wrong with them have a cause.There are three predominant characteristics associated with ADHD: Hyperactivity, Impulsity and Inattention.However, a child may have ADHD, yet present as non-hyperactive.


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