5 Year Business Plan Template Excel

5 Year Business Plan Template Excel-69
When creating your strategic focus areas we advise to keep 4 rules in mind- Strategic Objectives are the high level statements that outline what exactly you want to achieve, with a clearly stated deadline.It differs from a Focus Area - in that it is specific in what you want to achieve, has a deadline attached and once completed will be replaced by another, different objective.

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However, you still need to fill up the business plan templates with your own research, information and knowledge.

In 2016, he established his own company in Egypt “Planning Engineer Est.” Hany gained his MSc degree in project management from Liverpool University-UK 2013-2016, PMP certified from PMI-USA 2010, and BSc Civil Engineer Tanta University-Egypt 2003.

Hany provided more than 3,500 hours of planning and project management training on his website planningengineer.net, You Tube channel, and offline courses since 2011.

Fill the following in the Financial Plan Template: Number of units sold annually Average sales price per unit Annual maintenance, repair, and overhaul Number of years for straight-line depreciation Annual tax rate If long-term debt is being used to finance Second workbook in our Financial Plan free template is Profit and loss projections (Italicized numbers in gray cells are calculations that should not be overwritten.) Fill the following: Other revenue Interest income Sales and marketing Payroll and payroll taxes Insurance Utilities Property taxes Administrative fees Other Loss (gain) on sale of assets Other unusual expenses (income) See the figure below: Third workbook in our Financial Plan free template is Balance sheet projections (Italicized numbers in gray cells are calculations that should not be overwritten.) Fill the Initial balance for following: Cash and short-term investments Accounts receivable Total inventory Prepaid expenses Deferred income tax Other current assets Buildings Land Capital improvements Machinery and equipment Less: Accumulated depreciation expense Goodwill Deferred income tax Long-term investments Deposits Other long-term assets Accounts payable Accrued expenses Notes payable/short-term debt Capital leases Other current liabilities Owner’s equity (common) Paid-in capital Preferred equity Retained earnings See the figure below: Final workbook in our Financial Plan free template is Loan payment calculator (Italicized numbers in gray cells are calculations that should not be overwritten.) Note: The Loan payment calculator can generate principal and interest payments for a period of up to 30 years (360 months).

See the figure below: 5-Year Financial Plan, Balance projections, balance sheet projections, Cash Flow, depreciation expense, Financial Plan, Financial Plan free template, free template, Insurance, investor scenario, Loan payment calculator, payroll taxes, profit and loss, Profit and loss projections Hany Ismael is the founder and CEO of Planning Engineer Est. He has started his career back in 2003 as a site engineer, technical office engineer, planning engineer, planning manager, and finally planning department manager where he has been involved in several mega construction projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


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